Monday, November 12, 2007

100th Post! : Chris Tomlin concert

First of all, my 100th post! Kinda proud of myself that I have actually kept this up for as long as I have now. Sure I have my droughts, by I have kept with it. Not sure how many are reading???? But I have stayed with it. It's fun.

OK, what I wanted to write about......the Chris Tomlin concert. Kim and I drove down to Evansville last evening to "The Center" to see the band. We bought our tickets when they went on sale about 3 months ago and so we had awesome seats in the first row of the balcony, right near the center. Great seats, GREAT seats. We didn't realize that Evansville was on a different time than us, so we ended up having an extra hour to spend. (Big thanks here to Grandma Marie for watching the lads, by the way.)

It was an awesome time...awesome experience. That many people together just jamming to God was really something. Halfway through, Louis Giglio spoke a great message, as well. Then it was more Praise! I know that we will not forget it! Time for my disclaimer....I would like to say that I took the picture above - I did not. Matter of fact I forgot to take my camera! Man, I never forget the camera. But I I had to go to flickr and pick out an awesome shot that represents what we experienced, and this is what I found.

Thanks for reading....hopefully I can do 100 more posts!

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Charlie Blockhead said...

Congrats on the 100th post!! You should do like a week of Best Of's or something. It really is a big deal.