Monday, January 28, 2008

Unofficial Hiatus

I bet alot of you all had given up. Basically two months have come and gone with no new entries for The Whited News. Have i ever mentioned that it's hard to find time to get on here anymore? Heck, if it's hard for me to get on my own blog, I'm sure all of you are not just putting a visit here on your to do list everyday. But - I haven't given up. Maybe I just needed a break after the first 100 posts.

There really quite a bit to cover, including:

~ All the Christmas stuff
~ Carson's 3rd birthday
~ Kim smashing into a deer in the Vibe
~ A trip to the ER with Carson

It would take too long to try to catch up with adequate words, and pictures are worth a thousand words, right? Here are the highlights with words, as needed.

Here are the boys, about three weeks before Christmas. I think many of you got this in a Christmas card. For some reason we did not get the preprinted photocards from Sam's this year.

Here is the tradition Christmas photo, this time in Louisville.

Check out Carse on Christmas morning with the guitar for Guitar Hero that Santa brought. I love the way the lighting of the tree is in the background. I'll tell you what, Carson LOVES guitars and music. If this kid doesn't turn out to be a musician, I'll be shocked.

Here is Carse at his 3rd birthday. Blowing out the candles on his Thomas birthday cake. Actually he extinguished them more with his saliva than he did with air. It was a great birthday for his this year. Some of you may know that in his other 2 previous birthdays, he was sick both times and was not his typical self. This year he felt good and really had a great time.

Kim hit a deer just after dropping Carson off at day care a couple of weeks ago. It did $3,900 worth of damage to the Vibe. You should have seen me doing me best impression of a NASCAR pit crew member on the fender in the parking lot at Kim's school afterwards. Duct tape is awesome, baby! Praise God that Kim didn't get hurt or have the deer come through the windshield. It's not uncommon for us to be going 50+ mph down that road! Notice the deer poop on the fender.

We took Carson the the ER several days ago after he had a bad reaction to the Albuterol medication that doctor had given him. He had been diagnosed with bronchitis, pink eye, a bad cold, and his ears were so stopped up the doctor couldn't even look in them. That night about 1am he was acting real funny and breathing really irregularly/fast after we gave him the Albuterol earlier in the night and we became every concerned very quickly. By the time we got him to the hospital, he had settled down quite a bit. They monitored him for a while and the doctor didn't seem too concerned....Our prayers were answered, because he went from messed up to good shape pretty quickly. Thanks to his Aunt Sheri for getting out of bed in the middle of the night and venturing to out house in the cold to be here with Jackson while we went to the hospital!

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Charlie Blockhead said...

Glad to have you back and glad your son is ok.